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Kris Dunn over at the HR Capitalist posted the below recently in reaction to an ‘MBA Oath’ which has caught on amongst MBA grads in response to the GFC/Wall Street meltdown.

Kris has formulated an HR Oath – It’s hilarious, and poignant (especially number 8 )

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this- so… to the comments section!


I, ……… , member of the HR community, promise to:

1. Never say the phrase “seat at the table”, unless I say it in the voice of the Church Lady  or Samuel L. Jackson. (The Samuel L. Jackson voice from Pulp Fiction or Snakes on a Plane is preferred).

2. Avoid dumping 50 candidates that I secured via the “post and pray” model to the hiring manager in question, encouraging her to “take a look and see what she likes”.

3. Take off my SHRM Convention badge before I’m seen vomiting on a main street of city hosting the annual SHRM convention.

4. Carve out 2 hours per week of project time designed to do nothing but figure out a way to add value to the business.

5. Refrain from spending my entire personal development budget on the always challenging “Employment Law Seminar 20XX” – for the sixth straight year.

6. Speak up at the possible risk of my job when I see my boss or a peer doing something that blatantly runs counter to the people mission of our company.

7. Never own or wear a sensible pair of shoes that make me look like a fool. Or an Aztec.

8. Ship product regularly (if you don’t know what this means for a HR Pro, click here for the description).

9. Give a s###. Every day. Or get out.

Words to live by people.


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