Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems…

How is the financial health of your employees? Could they use some solid knowledge about the basics of handling their finances?

It’s amazing how distracting financial difficulties can be for employees and how providing financial advice and support can be a great retention tool.

I recently came across the guys from Innergi who provide just this sort of education. They’re holding a workshop soon  on caring for your employee’s financial wellbeing so I thought I would pass on the details.

These guys are leaders in their field and have had articles published on HR Daily and Human Capital Magazine, I think you will find the workshop really valuable. If you are working on attraction and retention strategies, or you are a caring employer or you want to keep abreast of the latest employee engagement strategies, then I think this workshop is really worth looking at.

It looks like it will be incredibly popular and I’m told there are limited seats, so best to book in early to avoid disappointment.

The workshop is from 3pm on the 15th July at the Newcastle Club, the numbers are limited and it is at no cost.

I should also point out that from time to time I will recommend sessions or products like this on the blog but have no vested interest (and although I’d like to receive bribes, I really don’t 😉 ) I really only recommend things like this which I believe can really add value.

So if you’re interested, check out the link below to book your seats.


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